Remaining to Invest

Enhancing Vision with Augmented Reality and Machine Learning

At Eyedaptic, we’re simulating natural vision to help Age-Related Macular Degeneration (AMD), the leading cause of vision loss for ages over 60, accounting for 170 million affected people worldwide.

Reasons to Invest

  • Large Market Opportunity

    400 million people worldwide suffer from various retinal diseases and nearly half of them suffer from AMD (Age-Related Macular Degeneration).

  • Differentiated Product

    The only Augmented Reality glasses on the market, with over 40 degrees FOV (Field-of-View), to simulate natural vision!

  • Strong Traction

    11x revenue increase YoY

  • Industry Expertise

    Eyedaptic has received multiple finalist awards across a variety of ophthalmology and technology organizations such as Vision Tank Start-Up Competition and High Tech

There is No Cure for the Leading Cause of Age-Related Blindness

  • 400 million people worldwide suffer from various retinal diseases and nearly half of them suffer from AMD (Age-Related Macular Degeneration), which is the leading cause of vision loss for ages over 60.

  • 90% of AMD cases are classified as Dry AMD. The disorder affects patients’ central vision, the fine, detailed segment of our vision that is used for reading or using a computer. This makes everyday tasks for sufferers extremely challenging, especially when many of us are dependent on our phones, computers and other devices. 

  • 400M+ people are affected by retinal disease globally

  • 170M+ people are affected by AMD specifically

  • 90% of these people have Dry AMD — where there is currently no cure or therapy

Distribution And High Profit Margins

  • Our USA pilot partnership with Vispero enables quicker servicing of the market and scalability, and lower expense overhead.

  • Gross Margins between 60% to 70% through low vision specialists, optometrists, and distributors.

Average Selling Price
$2995 - $5995
Cost of Goods
$500 - $2000
Gross Profit Margin
$1500 - $2500

First Year Revenue

Glasses for AMD Vision Assistance

  • Through the development of software-driven smart glasses and leveraging the power of augmented reality (AR) technology, Eyedaptic improves the vision of those suffering from retinal disorders including age-related macular degeneration.

  • Our proprietary software integrates with the real world to enhance images, remap pixels and this adaptive system has an autonomous user interface design with machine learning.

  • Smart eyewear with proprietary software that instantly enhances vision

  • Non-invasive, state-of-the-art, visual assistive AR (augmented reality) technology

  • Simulates natural vision and optimizes useful peripheral vision

  • Customizes and adapts to users needs, habits and environment

Image Capture
Real-time Processing
  • Proprietary software

  • Integrates with the real world & wearable for mobility

  • U.S. FDA Class I Exempt Device

  • 7 Patents Pending

AR Projection

5X Improvement in Ability to Complete Everyday Tasks

Over 50 users and 500 hours
Of usage with measurable benefits and demonstrated efficacy.
FDA Class
Eyedaptic is an FDA Class 1 Exempt Device, which requires no clinical trials, saving money and time.
Life-changing independence
The clinical study data effectively demonstrated how Eyedaptic Glasses provides life-changing independence for those with age-related macular degeneration (AMD).
Mid Distance
>500 hours

We have demonstrated clear efficacy

Our one-of-a-kind AR visual aid solution helps AMD patients to perform everyday tasks and remain independent.

Including measurable benefits & usage

• Time to Complete Tasks Improved 35% - 50%

• Over 5X Improvement With Eyedaptic

• Achieved a Doubling of Visual Acuity, on Average, with Eyedaptic

The hearing aid market is worth over $8B today and is projected to reach $14.45B by 2026

Applying the Hearing Aid Model to Vision Loss Market

  • The hearing aid market is worth over $8B today and is projected to reach $14.45B by 2026.

  • Both industries have a similar market size, demographics and are direct consumer payable.

  • We aim to develop a direct to consumer model, similar to the hearing aid industry.

  • Hearing aids can cost from $2,000 to over $8,000 per pair – paid by the consumer.

A Seasoned Multidisciplinary Team

Jay Cormier
President & CEO Founder
Dr. Mitul Mehta
Chief Medical Officer Cofounder
Dr. B. Kuppermann
Retina Advisor
Dr. Becky Kammer
Low Vision Advisor
Dave Watola
Chief Tech Officer Cofounder
Dr. Brian Kim
Medical Advisor Cofounder
Brian Schleiger
Eye Care / Low Vision
Sales Manager
Dr. Paul Karpecki
Optometry Advisor
Jerry Fitch
Board Director
Art Reidel
Board Director
Lou Lipschultz
Eye Care / Low Vision
Dr. Barry Breaux


Completed 2018
  • Patents Filed

  • EYE1 Beta

30° FOV
Completed 2019
  • Clinical

  • EYE2 Beta

45° FOV
  • Pilot Launch

  • EYE3 Beta

55° FOV
  • USA Launch

  • EYE4 Beta testing & Premier SW

55° FOV
ONLY 80g


  • Tech Coast Angels

  • Largest & most active Angel group in the USA

  • New York Angels

  • Seed capital angel investors based in New York City

  • Band of Angels

  • Oldest Angel Group in the USA

  • Members of the American Retina Forum

  • Leading young MDs who are Ophthalmologists and Retina Specialists